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Sadie Taylor Paige

Principal Consultant


A little about me............

Growing up in operations, I have always had a business improvement mindset.  However, I didn’t always have the green light to move forward with improvement initiatives I knew should take place. If something wasn’t going right, I was the “lean in and address it” kind of person. My philosophy for many years has been focused around a continuous improvement mindset; on both a personal and professional level. Although, I may not have always had the best tools and framework to my early improvement initiatives, the itch to “lean In,” and “make things better” has been ingrained in me early on. Through many years of my own learning and development journey; I have embraced change and transformation as a way of life. I want to help others do the same.


My learning journey includes a BS Organizational Psychology from Franklin University and pursuing a MS in Quantitative Psychology through Ball State University. Frameworks such as Lean Six Sigma, Change Management and Project Management have also served me well to lean in to business problems, drive change, and business improvements. While a formal education has been helpful, my self-learning journey and hands on experience have given me the competitive edge to implement continuous improvement cultures into an organization.

I think most of us with operations experience can attest to the fact that much of the time, you are so busy working the business and putting out fires that any thought of improvement gets pushed to the side. Or, if we do want to improve we skip necessary steps and try to implement a solution before understanding the problem.


The truth of the matter is, when you set out to deploy a continuous improvement culture; your return on investment is substantiated exponentially in terms of financial quantification, and more importantly, in your people. 

Make the investment, it pays for itself.




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