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How do you approach business problem solving? Do you have a framework? A framework is a powerful and essential in your tool kit.

Break down the complexities of business problems.  Creating a repeatable framework to problem solving sets you up for success. With out a framework you are just throwing things at the wall to see what sticks.

Many companies start with implementing a Lean Six Sigma program. However, they fail to first clearly articulate the problem. If you can not clearly articulate the problem. Any change management or improvement efforts are at risk to  fail &/or have minimal sustainability.


So what? You have a problem? Structuring the problem appropriately is  meaningless if you are not willing to Lean In to change. Problem solving is about people working together toward a positive outcome; which requires change.

Where does change start? Change starts with people. To achieve long term sustainability;  change starts with your people. Giving the people in your organization the knowledge and tools to solve problems again and again in a structured and effective way is worth it's weight in gold. The success of fixing a problem is 100% dependent on the people that work in your organizations; continuing to develop their problem solving skills is crucial in today's workforce dynamic.


There are different degrees in which change is necessary, but change is eminent. 

Benefits to working with Lean In........... Return on Investment


  1. Investing in your people's abilities to solve business problems effectively is a necessity and not a luxury.

  2. Fresh perspective is highly valuable in breaking down business problems.

  3. Illiana Consulting does not commit to initiatives unless the business dynamic is a good fit. We realize our services aren't for everyone. We will not take on work unless their is substantial value to the client.

  4. Implementing a continuous improvement culture into your organization is hard work. Your team works just as hard as our team to implement changes as we do. It is a joint effort. 

  5. The work we do is very outcome focused and will be impactful to your organization. 

Continued relationship

  • Our success is measured through the results of each initiative.

  • We focus on building a strong partnership with you to remain a viable solution for future opportunities.

  • We are truly a partner with you and base our results on outputs.

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