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Lean Six Sigma Green Belt
8 week program - Blended Approach

Course: Lean Six Sigma Green Belt (LSSGB) Program @ Parkland College

Dates: Kick-Off - Monday, Sept 11- Graduation Friday, Nov 3

Earn your Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Certificate with successful completion of this course. Go ahead, upgrade your career!!!

An 8 week program with unique blended learning approach that includes hands on project coaching by an experienced facilitator!


3 In person sessions + Weekly Live Online Sessions + Project Coaching

Our Approach:

This LSSGB Program is compromised of a blended learning approach. 85% virtual learning environment that includes in person support and live online synchronized sessions to maximize the support of the learner.

This course requires significant self-study using the Indiana Quality Council ASQ Primer material and our on-demand content.

Outcome: Each participant will receive a Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Certification for satisfactorily course completion. 

Program Cost: $3495 per person -This cost includes the exam given for course completion through Parkland College.

(ASQ exams are proctored exams and are not included as a part of this program)


1) Required In Person Meetings

  • Monday, Sept 11th  8-12pm

  • Tuesday, Oct 3rd 11am-1pm (Grab & Go Lunch Provided)

  • Friday, Nov 3rd 11am-1pm (Grab & Go Lunch Provided) GRADUATION


2) Scheduled Online Live Courses

  • Tuesday's - 8-9am 


3) Required Readings / Virtual Group Discussion Assignments


  • Self-study is required through out this course (if you are not able to commit to self-study this course is not for you)

  • Regularly assigned readings and discussion


4) On Demand Videos

  • Each phase will have required on-demand courses

  • There is flexibility in when these are completed, but with hard due dates as we approach the end of each phase

5) Project Coaching

  • This course requires working a project to learn the practical experience along with the theoretical learnings from the ASQ Primer. 

6) Coffee Connect (Optional)

  • Connect on projects over coffee most Friday's from 7:15-8:15am -Champaign-Urbana - Location TBD


Above dates/times are subject to change

Upcoming Program Dates: September 11, 2023-November 3, 2023

Overall Estimated Time Commitment:

6-10 hours each week. 

112 hours overall 

Not ready to register, but want to learn more?


What is Lean Six Sigma Green Belt (LSSGB)?

Lean Six Sigma (LSS) is known to be the most effective framework to driving improvements across an organization. LSS started out in the manufacturing world with successful companies like Toyota and GE and has proved to flourish in the service and transactional business sectors too. The LSSGB certification demonstrates a high standard of professional capabilities.


Format: A 8-week program with a blended learning approach of on-demand courses, live virtual classes and in person connection with the course facilitator.

This course will connect theoretical and practical knowledge and experience in continuous improvement. The content will follow the ASQ Body of Knowledge; the industry gold standard. This course is geared to build up continuous improvement capabilities within your existing team by working a project while simultaneously learning the theoretical aspects of lean.


Estimated Time Commitment: 6-10 hours weekly. Includes on-demand courses, assigned reading and group discussions, online and in person sessions. (Your selected project for this course may require time outside of this estimate.)

Cost: $3495 per person 

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