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Illiana Consulting Group, LLC exists to improve the human work experience. We help transition organizations from survival mode to thriving. We improve the systems and processes that frustrate your workforce.

We observe and diagnose operational problems and then implement rapid improvement initiative to resolve problems for long-term control and sustainability. Our strategy includes building up skills and  capabilities in your existing workforce. We teach them how to fish.  


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Observe  & Document Processes
Analyze Current
Improve Processes

Illiana Consulting Group, LLC understands that your organization may be facing challenges ranging from staffing shortages, services issues, quality concerns and delayed turnaround times. These obstacles can hinder growth, reduce efficiency, and impact customer satisfaction. 


We take a powerful approach to remedy common business problems, most often without the need to ever recommend hiring additional staffing. 


We believe a business thrives when the people they employ are also thriving and flourishing. 

Existing staff can flourish when we improve the systems and processes they work in today.

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Serving East Central Illinois and West Central Indiana  |  Tel: 217-504-5567

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