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Process & Program Evaluation

Illiana Consulting is a boutique consulting firm with expertise in Program & Process Evaluation. Are your programs meeting its intended goals?



  • What is your current program performance? 

  • Are you using statistics to measure performance?

  • Is the program implementation meeting the intended goals of the program? 

  • What are the unintended outcomes of your program? 

We focus on:

Program Evaluation, Program Planning, Program Improvement, Program Design & Development, and Program Implementation

What does Illiana Consulting Group evaluate? 

Illiana Consulting Group will lean in and evaluate- Policy, Program, Process, Product, and Performance. The evaluation process includes: 

1) Data Collection

2) Assessment of current state

3) Needs Assessment

4) Gap Analysis

5) Stakeholder Engagement 

6) Recommendations for Improvement

People Development

People development is a vital aspect of fostering growth and maximizing potential within an organization. By providing continuous learning opportunities, mentorship, and skill building initiatives for your workforce you can empower your human capital to reach their full capabilities. 

Investing in people development not only enhances individual performance and job satisfaction, but also contributes to the overall success and competitiveness of the organization in an ever-evolving world with unprecedented challenges. 

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Serving East Central Illinois and West Central Indiana  |  Tel: 217-504-5567

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