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Organizational & Process Improvement Consulting 

When processes aren’t efficient and objectives aren’t being realized, fixing the problem internally can be challenging—and in some cases, nearly impossible.


Illiana Consulting marries up Learning & Development with Business Process Improvement. Organizational transformation is challenging, and to make change happen you must first start with your people. Regardless, your level of organizational complexity implementing a continuous improvement culture requires a strategic plan that first starts with up-skilling your team. 


Illiana Consulting's Approach: 

Our approach to achieving operational excellence relies on teamwork, and not just internally. We work side-by-side with clients across many different industries. Our ability to prioritize organizational development as a prerequisite to business process improvement sets us apart from other consultancies.

We are problem-solvers with specific methodology to attacking business problems. To reach your strategic objectives, we train your team on tools and methodologies for effective continuous improvement implementation. 

We take pride in helping you make your organization the best it can be. It always starts with your people. Building the skills and capabilities with in your own team to effectively manage improvements at the process level of an organization is the most effective approach. 

Upcoming Training 

Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Training

Join us for Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Prep Course for the ASQ Certified Green Belt.  The course content will follow the ASQ Body of Knowledge and cover all aspects for exam preparation. The format for this course will be a blended approach, with both online and in person classes. This class will provide guidance and direction for the material in the BOK. However, self-study is highly recommended if the goal is passing the ASQ Green Belt Certification exam. The amount of self-study outside of this course will vary greatly from person to person depending on your starting point and how confident and proficient you are with the material. 


The cost for this course is $2495 - which includes a study manual and practice question booklet. This price DOES NOT include the cost for the ASQ exam. 


Class Schedule:  Course duration is from Tuesday, Sept 8th - Tuesday, Nov 16th


September: Classroom Learning (In Person)  Class is Tuesdays in September from 8:30am-11:30am

                                   Location: TBD

                                   Self-Study: 5 hours a week recommended

October: Blended Approach and Online Learning via Zoom: 

                                   Project Kick-Off - Week of Oct 4-Oct 8 (Individual 1:1 Project Coaching this week via zoom)

                                   Class Learning: Tuesday, Oct 12th & Tuesday, Oct 26th (In Person) 8:30am-11:30am

                                   Zoom Learning: Tuesday, Oct 5th & Oct 19th 8:30am-10:30am (zoom link to follow)

                                   Self-Study: 5 hours a week recommended

November: Blended Approach and Online Learning via Zoom

                                 Individual 1:1 Project Coaching: Tuesday, Nov 2 and Tuesday, Nov 9 (Times TBD)

                                 Final In Person Session: Tuesday, November 16th 8:30am-11:30am Location TBD


 This course is limited to a maximum of 12 participants

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Executive Sponsor Training

Tuesday, August 18th 9am-12pm (In Person)

Location: TBD

Cost: $495


The objective for this course is to provide leaders that will be supporting improvement initiatives the tools and knowledge to be successful project sponsors.  There are several roles an executive sponsor will play: 


  • Ensuring a project’s goals are aligned with the overall company strategy

  • Gathering support, communicating goals and overcoming resistance from senior executives

  • Providing ongoing direction to the project team during a project’s lifecycle

  • Removing barriers and helping the project team overcome challenges 

Executive sponsors typically have high-level responsibilities and often focus on strategy and creating conditions for success instead of implementation. When executive sponsors understand how they can be most beneficial to a project and offer the right support; it can make the difference in the project's overall success. 


Many senior executives remain unsure of what it means to be an executive sponsor and how they are supposed to enhance project outcomes. The goal of this couse will be to provide clarity into the executive sponsors role and how they can help increase project success. 

 Importance of Sponsor Training and Development 

The type of training and development executive sponsors receive also makes a difference. Mentoring and coaching by others that have experience to share are proven to have better impact on project outcomes, according to PMI. Let us help you guide your leaders to become sponsors that are proficient in guiding a team; while letting them lead the initiative. 

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